Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 4, What Not To Do While Running

You might have noticed that I skipped posting last week, but that doesn't mean I've been skipping my workouts! The past two weeks have been crazy busy- with school, work, exercising, family time, traveling plus tests and presentations, my blog post got neglected. 

I got several short runs in during week 4, plus a few good bike rides. I tried to work on my speed by pacing my runs, which resulted in running faster, but having to check my watch an obsessive and annoying amount of times. I quickly learned how much that ruins the fun in running.

Needless to say, I won't be doing that anymore. Running is much more enjoyable to me if I..... just go, and let my mind wander.  Checking a watch every 20 seconds just reminds you every 20 seconds that you aren't going fast enough. Or if you are going fast enough, it reminds you that only 20 seconds have passed even though it feels like 3 minutes!

Brandon spent a good part week 4 breaking in his new shoes we purchased from the Nike outlet. He completed several short runs and his sprints, as well as his 7 mile long run under his 9:00 min/mile goal pace.

This got us to talking, if he can do 7 miles comfortably at that pace, maybe he should aim to complete the 1/2 marathon faster than that! He's decided to work on his speed a bit more this week, and see how aiming towards an 8:30min/mile pace turns out. He'll still be happy with 9, but 8:30 would just be an added bonus!

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