Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 1, It's A Wrap!

I'm satisfied with how this week turned out in terms of exercise. I could have done more, but I feel as if I did enough, while balancing other important things in my life. Here is what my week looked like:

 I'm super pumped about being able to ride my bike! For this reason, I know I made the right choice in downgrading to the 5k. Why force myself to run 15+ miles a week when my heart isn't in it? I can burn just as many calories and get more enjoyable work-outs by riding my bike, and still throw in a run a few times a week to be ready for the 5k!

As for Brandon, I couldn't be more proud of him. He is attacking his 1/2 marathon training with full force! He's doing a combination of long runs, short runs, and sprints, while also finding time to lift weights at the gym, study and do homework, work at his part time job, and spend time with me! I am so looking forward to cheering him on as he finishes in Autozone park after I've finished my race.

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